10th International Workshop on Reachability Problems

      19 - 21 September 2016, Aalborg, Denmark

List of Accepted Papers

Reino Niskanen. Robot Games with States in Dimension One
Natasha Alechina, Nils Bulling, Stéphane Demri and Brian Logan. On the Complexity of Resource-Bounded Logics
Anthony Widjaja Lin and Matthew Hague. Decidable models of integer-manipulating programs with recursive parallelism
Adrien Le Coent, Laurent Fribourg, Nicolas Markey, Florian De Vuyst and Ludovic Chamoin. Distributed Synthesis of State-Dependent Switching Control
Adrien Le Coent, Laurent Fribourg and Romain Soulat. Compositional analysis of Boolean networks using local fixed-point iterations
Sam Jones and Rick Thomas. Characterizing word problems of groups
Giorgio Delzanno. Reachability Predicates for Graph Assertions
Eike Best and Harro Wimmel. Plain, Bounded, Reversible, Persistent, and k-marked Petri Nets have Marked Graph Reachability Graphs
Henri Hansen and Antti Valmari. Safety Property-driven Stubborn Sets
Thomas Geffroy, Jérôme Leroux and Grégoire Sutre. Occam's Razor Applied to the Petri Net Coverability Problem
Igor Potapov, Olena Prianychnykova and Sergey Verlan. Insertion-deletion systems over relational words

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